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Safety Net Program


In order to learn, students need a secure environment where they may concentrate on their studies, and teachers need a secure environment in order to teach. Eufaula has a district procedures manual that provides direction to staff in handling emergency situations ranging from bad weather to bomb threats.

As comprehensive as these guidelines are, a response to an event must often be modified to fit the specifics of the particular situation. Parents may be assured that any time a campus faces a crisis situation, every decision made and every action is taken is always done with the safety and security of the students as the foremost consideration.

Fortunately, emergencies are rare. Nevertheless, Eufaula Public School officials diligently work with staff, students, parents and the community to maintain a safe and secure environment in each school on a day-to-day basis. This is done through actions as simple as the attached Safety Form, or as complex as programs and services provided by the Eufaula Police Department.

The Safety Net program provides a way for students to share concerns related to school or any threatening situation. If students have genuine concerns, they may complete the safety net form below. Upon submitting the form to their teacher administrator, appropriate action will be taken.

Students, Click Here, complete and submit the Safety-Net Form if you feel threatened or have safety concerns. Please take this very seriously and only submit the form for your legitimate concerns.