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Tim Grider, Transportation Director
Phone 918.689.2152 Email

The Eufaula Transportation Department strives to provide quality transportation services for students in a positive and safe manner with a commitment to service and safety.

Bus transportation by the district is a privilege, not a right, and it will be extended only to students who display good conduct while preparing to ride, riding or leaving the bus. An additional condition for riding district buses is parental consent to the release of videotapes that would otherwise be prohibited for reasons of privacy. Before a student is allowed to ride a district bus, the district must have obtained a parent's written consent for the release of any such videotapes.

The district board of education has established the policy that riding a school bus is a privilege. Students not observing these safety regulations and guidelines could be subject to loss of bus riding privileges. It is important that every student is entitled to a safe trip to and from school. Unsafe riders are not tolerated..


  1. Be on time at the bus stop, 3-5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time. Wait for the bus to come to a complete halt before trying to board. If you must cross a road, wait for your driver to signal you across with his hand. Always cross at least 10-feet in front of the bus. (approximately the length of one car)
  2. After boarding the bus, you must remain in your seat until the bus reaches your designated stop. Any alternate stops must be approved in advance with the transportation office. Students are required to use the bus stop nearest their home.
  3. When necessary, there could be at least three persons in a seat. The practice of saving seats for other students will not be allowed. Students must sit facing the front, backs against the back of the seat and feet touching the floor if possible. Feet are not to be in the bus seat at any time.
  4. Any damage to bus fixtures or equipment must be paid for by students responsible for the damages.
  5. Keep the aisles clear of items such as musical instruments, school projects, etc. If you must carry personal items on the bus with you, please hold them in your lap or store them under the seat. Flowers, balloons, and other party favors are not permitted on the bus.
  6. At no time will a student put hands, head, or other parts of his body out the window. Students should not talk to others outside the bus. Do not be loud or boisterous on the bus. Excessive noise can distract the driver and could result in a serious accident. Radios, cd and tape players, cell phones, headsets, and handheld games are not allowed.
  7. Absolute quiet at all railroad crossings.
  8. Do not throw any objects inside or outside the bus. This could obstruct the view of an oncoming vehicle and result in an accident or cause the driver to have to stop very suddenly, causing injury to passengers. This includes spitting.
  9. Food or beverages may not be sold or consumed on the bus. Loose papers or food may cause a slippery hazard or possibly choking. This includes gum or candy.
  10. Bus driver has the responsibility to correct any student on the bus for riding in a dangerous manner.
  11. Courtesy transportation (riding an alternate bus for non-school activities) is not permitted. Students must have special permission (in advance) from transportation officials in order to ride an alternate bus. A letter must be written for pre-approval and will be kept on file in the transportation office.
  12. Students can be denied permission to ride a bus to and from school if they choose not to cooperate with the driver.
  13. Fighting, abusive language/gestures, damaging school equipment, failure to cooperate with school personnel, and possession and/or use of drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc. are major violations that will result in automatic bus suspension. Parents must assume responsibility for the behavior of their children while riding the bus.
  14. When bus riding privileges are suspended, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for transporting their child to and from school.
  15. Bus suspension must be served in the consecutive days stated.
  16. Drivers have the authority to enforce all bus rules.
  17. Any student refusing to obey these rules will be reported to school authorities and may lose his/her riding privilege.
  18. Any complaints should be reported promptly to Transportation Services (617-3612 ). Any conference must be scheduled through the principal's office.
  19. Students residing more than 1 mile from their home school are eligible to ride a bus


If it becomes necessary to cancel classes due to inclement weather please listen for the School Closing Announcement on any Eufaula Schools Facebook pages, Blake 102.5 Radio or watch for school closings on television channels KJRH Channel 2, KOTV Channel 6, and KTUL Channel 8.

As always, If school should remain open during inclement weather, the decision to send students to school remains with the parents.