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Policy Forms

Document Title Date Uploaded athletic_training_facility_policy_1.pdf 2019-12-12 Bloodborne Pathogens Incident Investigation Form 2015-08-19 Bloodborne Pathogens Post-Exposure Evaluation Checklist 2015-08-19 Bloodborne Pathogens Training Record 2015-08-19 Bloodborne Pathogens Vaccination Declination Form 2015-08-19 Bullying, Harassment, Intimidation 2015-08-19 child_abuse_policy_1.pdf 2019-01-17 Drug Policy Exhibit A-Mandatory Referral and Release Information 2015-08-19 Drug Policy Exhibit C-Affirmation of Drug and Alcohol Testing 2015-08-19 Drug Policy Exhibit D-Affirmation of Drug and Alcohol Testing 2015-08-19 Drug Policy Exhibit E-Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy Statement 2015-08-19 Drug Policy Exhibit F-Release of Information 2015-08-19 Drug Policy Exhibit G-Reasonable Suspicion Report 2015-08-19 Education Plan during Out-Of-School Suspension for More than Five Days 2015-08-19 eufaula_ffa_shooting_sports_policy.pdf 2019-06-20 Facility Use Fee Schedule 2015-08-19 Facility Use Request Form 2015-08-19 Family Medical Leave 2015-08-19 flag_policy.pdf 2019-06-20 Foster Care Plan 2019-04-01 GT Elementary Parent Letter 2015-08-19 GT Elementary Student Plan 2015-08-19 GT Middle School Parent Letter 2015-08-19 GT Secondary Student Plan 2015-08-19 grant_writing_policy.pdf 2019-01-17 Hearing Request Form 2015-08-19 internet_policy.pdf 2019-06-20 Library Media Center Request for Reconsideration 2015-08-19 medical_marijuana_policy.pdf 2019-01-17 non_descrimination_statement.pdf 2019-06-20 Notice to Employee of Non Re-Employment 2015-08-19 Notice to Employee of Suspension/Demotion/Termination 2015-08-19 Parental Authorization to Administer Medicine 2015-08-19 parents_rights_policy.pdf 2019-06-20 parent_participation_policy.pdf 2019-06-20 policy_revision_for_sick_leave_bank.pdf 2019-11-13 request_to_address_board.pdf 2019-10-07 school_bus_idling_policy.pdf 2019-01-08 Sick Leave Bank-Physician's Statement 2015-08-19 Sick Leave Bank-Application for Use Of 2015-08-19 Sick Leave Bank-Membership Application 2015-08-19 student_search_policy.pdf 2019-06-20 student_survey_policy.pdf 2019-06-20 Transfer Application Form-Attachment A 2015-08-19 Transfer-Attachment B-Consent for Cancellation of Transfer 2015-08-19 weapons_and_firearms_policy.pdf 2019-06-20