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After School Program

Jeanette Smith, Superintendent

Robin Montgomery, Project Director                                                              beacon logo

Summer Cook, Elementary Site Coordinator

Mary Kingfisher, Middle School Site Coordinator

Laura Charles, BEACON Secretary at 918-689-2682



Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view Parent Handbook/Forms.

What We Do 
BEACON is an after school program offering a safe place for your child during the after school hours. Students have time for homework assignments and tutoring as well as a variety of enrichment activities, including crafts, technology, physical education and more. We also provide your child with a healthy snack each afternoon.

Who May Attend
Students in grades Pre-K through the 8th grade who are enrolled in Eufaula Public Schools. 

Our Schedule
Elementary: Monday - Friday 3:15- 5:30

Middle School: Monday – Friday 3:15-5:30

Be On Time in Picking Up Your Child! If you are running late, please give us a courtesy call. 
There will be a charge of one dollar per minute to cover the cost of supervising your child until you arrive.

Program Benefits 
Non school hours represent the single largest block of time in the lives of American children and youth. 

Young people's participation in constructive learning activities during non-school hours contributes substantially to their success in school. 

Children's participation in organized after-school programs has positive impacts on educational achievement. 

In addition to educational achievement, children experience multiple benefits from high quality after-school programs. These benefits include improvements in students' social skills, work habits, emotional adjustment and peer relations, and more constructive choices about personal behavior. 

Please call the BEACON Secretary at 918-689-2682

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